Jewelmint / Fowler Sister Set Review

I heard about Jewelmint through Elle and Blair Fowler. They are makeup gurus on youtube. I’m sure everyone is familiar with them. Anyways, after hearing them rave about Jewelmint I decided to check them out myself. I actually saw quite a few pieces of jewelry I wanted, but haven’t made a purchase. One day I saw a tweet from the Elle and Blair about the Fowler Sister Set #1 deal. I saw it and immediately had to have it! I also purchased the Ganesh Earrings ( which I love too!! ) Jewelmint also has another piece that I desperately want. But I’m waiting on another paycheck before purchasing it. Hopefully it will still be available by around that time.

Left : Fowler set along with the bracelet   Right: Ganesh Earrings ( not included in set )

As you can tell it is a beautiful set. Jewelmint is a great company to invest in when wanting a unique piece of jewelry. Jewelmint is owned by Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter. You can become a member, and won’t be charged monthly for it. You can opt to skip a month if you don’t find anything you want. If you happen to come across a piece of jewelry you want during that month, you can still purchase it. All pieces only cost $29.99 each. Their shipping is pretty fast. I got my order in about a week. You can earn credits by inviting friends, and family. You can use credits to purchase any piece you want. Which is great!
Anyways..Back to the Fowler Set…
The Fowler set comes with Versailles Earrings, Blazing Chain Bracelet, and Pearl Fleur Necklace. But Pearl Fleur Necklace sold out so fast, they replaced it with Antoinette Necklace (which is a beautiful piece). I fell in love with this set! I really love the bracelet it came with. I’ve had quite a few compliments on them so far.
                                                   Pearl Fleur Necklace

The Pearl Fleur Necklace has a delicate silver chain with a pretty big size pearl ring. It was quite beautiful. I think you could even wear the ring too! LOL…This necklace has a big pearl right in the middle, with rhinestone diamonds surrounding it. It is beautifully shaped.  I love it!

                                                   Blazing Chain Bracelet

Umm..What is there not to like about this piece? Absolutely nothing! I have worn this a lot, and gotten quite a few compliments on it. I really love it! This bracelet has  a green chain, grey chain, and a pink ball chain. On the pink link it has a ball rhinestone diamond, and the green link has a rhinestone link in the middle. This is a heavy bracelet, but it is not overwhelming. It is comfortable to wear.
                                                    Versailles Earrings

One thing I want to say first is that the picture did not do justice on this piece. My camera decided to act crappy. Anyways, this piece is so beautiful, and a little bit heavy. It is still comfortable to wear them. They don’t pull on my ears. These earrings goes with any beautiful outfit. It has different sizes and shapes of rhinestone diamonds all over. Which makes it so beautiful.  Love it!

                                                    Ganesh Earrings

These are one of my new favorite pairs of earrings. I have worn these a lot too. I’ve had tons of people asking me where I get them. Of course I tell them  Jewelmint!!  :D… This piece has a gold chain ( and whatnot ), with purple stones. The stones are like hard plastic, but not the cheap kind. If you know what I mean.  These are fairly long too. You will love this piece. Of course I got it for $29.99..
If you are looking for unique jewelry, and not wanting to spend a fortune, then check out Jewlemint. You will love them!! Here is the link to their site. If it doesn't let you click on it, then just copy and paste it. If that doesn't work. Then just type it in like it is.


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